Getting On With The Preps




Merry Christmas from Bens ♥ Kath + Francophile??

We celebrated our last Christmas as “singles” with an early dinner for two and late night movies. It was an unusual Christmas for me considering how clamorous Christmas celebration is in Manila. Nevertheless, it still is the best as I get to spend it with bb. Before the holidays, we went through a rough patch in our relationship and I can say that until now, we are still both fragile. It was proven again, how real love for each other can make you accept each other’s differences, can make you want to fight for the relationship.

Due to the holiday air, wedding preparations were halted. We still have quite a long way to go especially with the detailing, and I’ve just realized now (as in just now while typing this) that I need to ask help from my mum and sisters. I actually started to accept that I can’t have the wedding I originally planned for here in Singapore. As they say,” serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance”. Anyways, I still have the Philippine wedding to unfold my Parisian plans and realize my perfect wedding! =)

I got a bit lucky today that my boss is not here in office (when was she here anyway). =) I get to jot down all the stuffs we still need to do and stare at our checklist (again) like I always do. You know that feeling, that paralyzing feeling you get because there’s just a lot, a whole LOT of bloody things screaming in front of you. Happens to me all the time. That sometimes I just want to jump on our honeymoon plans. Heehee! Who wouldn’t if I have a mug with a map of Paris on it? OMG!! Everytime I take a sip, I go delusional.

And tell me how to prepare for wedding when everytime I reach for my keys, I see 3 cute Eiffel Tower with French colours? Jialat already.. 😉

Anyhoo, actually I’m not that hopeless. In fact, I’ve been crafty these past few days and I will showcase my handicrafts soon! =)

Au revoir! =)